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  Foundation Waterproofing / Repair

Here are some examples of foundation waterproofing & repairs that we have done in Kingston, Ontario over the years.

It is not always necessary to excavate the entire foundation.

We can often just repair and seal the area of leakage, by using a proven waterproof technology. Our service includes excavation to footing, repairs to foundation cracks & holes, application of foundation sealants, installation of a tough waterproof membrane, that protects the foundation from wet soil and provides an air gap between the wall & membrane.

This allows trapped moisture to drain directly to the weeping tile, causing the wall to dry towards the outside and the basement to feel drier almost immediately. Also, if a foundation continues to settle, this membrane will not be affected.

Our foundation waterproofing service comes with a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

You can also count on us for;

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  • Mold Mitigation & Remediation

  • Water Diversion & Drainage Systems

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    Sturdy Deck

    Sturdy Deck

    Sturdy Deck


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